Star of ‘Everwood’ and ‘Hair’, Treat Williams, dies at age 71 after a motorbike accident

"He was the friendliest man. Barry McPherson, Treat Williams' agent, tells PEOPLE that

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Watch as a section of the highway in Philadelphia falls after a tanker truck catches fire.

A sizable concrete slab that had fallen from I-95 onto the road below

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Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi passes away at age 86.

The colourful media tycoon who oversaw three Italian governments has seen a significant

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Scotland’s Former Leader Nicola Sturgeon Insists on Innocence Amidst Investigation into SNP Finances

As part of the "Operation Branchform" investigation into the finances of the Scottish

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Terrible age! Sex Championship to be held in Sweden from June 8, these are the rules

Sweden has become the first country to register sex Championship as a sport

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Sex Championship is going to be held in Sweden, know what is the truth of this news

Sweden has given sex the status of a game and there is going

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Martha Stewart, 81, is featured on the ‘historic’ Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover.

It's a wonderful thing. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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Just prior to the start of the trial, Cuba Gooding Jr. settles a civil sexual assault complaint.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has resolved allegations that he raped a woman at a

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Kendall Jenner’s underboob-baring bikini just raised the bar for sexy swimwear.

A malfunction in the wardrobe is imminent.

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Pat Cooper, an outrage-comedian, passed away at age 93.

He made light of his Italian American roots as the foundation of his

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